You’ve got mail!


The partnership between direct mail and email marketing is a valuable asset to any plan! Word of your news and services makes its way into the mailbox and inbox of your community, and through programs and innovation, it is becoming easier than ever!

From Target Marketing Magazine in their recent article – according to studies from the Association of National Advertisers, combining digital and direct mail increase response about 20%.  

Read more about this connection from Target Marketing, Simple Math: Direct Mail + Email = Better Response, by Christopher Foster

BATV is great at keeping you updated! Through our management and design of their materials, they are able to successfully communicate with all of Batavia on a consistent basis. Here is an example of their recent piece sent out using the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), pictured above, to the entire 60510 mailing zone.

In addition to the direct mail, an email blast designed, pictured here, to match the postcard is delivered to their current subscribers. The email blasts are part of BATV’s monthly marketing plan which feature new messages and events.

You have the freedom to choose your audience. The EDDM service allows you to choose specific zones within a zip code, send to residential only, or can be sent out to all and blanket the entire community. Check out your zones by clicking here.

There are other options for sending direct mail by using targeted individual mailing addresses.

  • Use your own mailing list
  • Acquire a list from reputable affiliations
  • Purchase a list based on criteria that fit your needs

Some Mailing Tips

  • Printing can be as small as 150 pieces
  • Each with varying size options, direct mail to specific addresses can be as low as $.35, EDDM as low as $.19

Sending emails to your existing client base or subscribers gives access to your information on the go. Having an easy-to-read and concise piece of marketing sent to ones inbox helps keep attention and gather interest. These can include short stories and links that are only one click away.

Let’s get your word out into the public!

BATV Email Blast Design