We help Rotary, so Rotary can help the world.

Chicagoland Rotary Website

We help Rotary, so Rotary can help the world.

Over the past few months we have had the privilege and opportunity to work with various Rotary Clubs and Districts from around Illinois. We created various materials to help raise funds, inform members, and attract volunteers. We hope that our work with Rotary helps makes the world a better place.

2021 Rotary Zones 25B & 29 Institute

“Blast Off! Launch Rotary” is the theme for the 2021 Zone Institute for Rotary International Zones 25B and 29 which will be held in Houston, Texas. We are thrilled to have created a great Theme Logo and Promotional Video for this event, working with close communication and collaboration with the zone Public Image Chairs. These zones span from Texas, through the central United States and into Ontario, Canada. This is a great opportunity to showcase our skills and artwork at an international level and we are excited to see where this new partnership with Rotary leads!

Chicagoland Rotary & Informational Video

Our interactions with Northern Illinois Rotary Districts 6440 & 6450 have led to the creation of a new, unified digital presence which will be used to inform the community of all new initiatives in the Chicagoland area! The new collaboration with these districts are brought together with a Chicagoland logo, a customized informational video about this new development, and a website to serve as a directory for potential members to find leaders and their club in Northern Illinois. This gives Rotary another outlet to join together and reach the community!

Chicagoland Rotary Logo
Chicagoland Rotary Website Home Page

The Rotary Network

Dave has been a Rotarian since 2008, and has been part of a pilot project called “The Rotary Network”. For two Northern Illinois Rotary districts, 6440 and 6450, The Rotary Network is launching to support Rotarians through virtual networking amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team created this promotional video to share the news and create awareness for all of the opportunities from this program!

Preventing & Addressing Harassment

As a way of increasing awareness, inclusivity, and fostering a strong culture of respect, we partnered with District 6440 in Northern Illinois and members of Rotary International to create an informational video about what constitutes harassment and how to prevent any form in the future. Rotarians are leaders in the community and around the world. Having this video and moving forward with this dialogue amongst clubs enables District 6440 to continue its great legacy and adhere fully to The Four-Way Test.

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