Labor Day 2020 is definitely one for the books

Labor Day 2020

Labor Day 2020 is definitely one for the books.

From everything that has happened thus far, Labor Day 2020 is definitely one for the books. Workers and businesses have taken on the challenge to adapt and reinvent. This dedication does not go unnoticed and our communities deserve this holiday to celebrate the strength and perseverance of our workforce!

The partnership between us and all of our clients have kept our creativity strong. By listening to your needs, we are able to explore, experiment, and think critically in this ever-changing world to push ourselves and develop a great product just for you!

Recent developments have included fantastic new websites, business cards, postcard mailers, brochures, and video production for our wonderful clients!

Double M Trucking, Inc

Double M Trucking, Inc. out of Lansing, IL were recipients of major updates to their website and brand! This site has a new design utilizing a bright color palette, quality pages and links for ease of navigation, custom icons throughout, updated graphics, and is optimized for mobile use on the go! In addition to the site, Double M also has new full-color business cards to hand out which match their brand and are sure to be memorable!

Double M Trucking Labor Day 2020 post
Double M Trucking Labor Day 2020 post
Double M Trucking Business Card Design

Website Updates & Security

We are here to keep your image current and one way we have been doing that is by keeping your web presence in top shape. Website design and maintenance is a skill of ours, and many of our clients have been updating their sites with new SSL certificates. These keep privacy and prevent hackers from gaining access to any visitor’s personal information, such as banking, credit cards, names, and addresses.  Let’s get this up and running on your site!

Security post

River City Plumbing

For print marketing, we were happy to work with River City Plumbing in Batavia, IL for a newly designed trifold brochure! A brochure is a great piece of marketing material that can be easily transported and contain a wealth of information that is useful to any client. River City Plumbing’s brochure is colorful, clean, and clear. It gives a full snapshot of the services they provide and showcases photos of their fleet and projects!

River City Plumbing Labor Day 2020 post
Our goal is to create works that you are proud to share. We would like to thank you for your trust throughout the years and we look forward to our partnerships in the future! Enjoy Labor Day 2020 and contact us today to see what we can do for you!
Creatively yours,
Dave, Karen, Jason, and Sam

For the safety of all during COVID-19, We can provide individual sessions by appointment in our large private studio, or outside of your business incorporating natural light.

When in our studio, sanitization is our number one priority. Proper disinfectant will be used before and after each shoot and face coverings are required at all times outside of the session itself.

Let’s work together to capture your smiles and tell your story!