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13 Dec
Winter KCSR post
Pedersen Design Happenings
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It's been a busy few months, and now the winter is here. Our clients are getting ready for the upcoming new year by getting things done, and so are we. Take a look, at some of our ...
28 Nov
Happy Thanksgiving
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During this season, we at Pedersen Design would like to take a moment to express our thanks and gratitude to all of our clients and friends. Thank you for letting us into your worl...
19 Sep
50 ideas to kickstart your marketing
50 Ideas to Kickstart Your Marketing!
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Looking to keep your business growing, and to bring in new customers? Of course you are! If you feel your marketing plan could use a shot in the arm, we have compiled some great...
29 Aug
Summer’s winding down
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Summer is winding down, but things are heating up! Here is a sample of some of the work we did this summer. With fall just around the corner, take a look and see how we can help yo...
29 Jul
10 Website Ideas!
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Is your website sending customers the right message? A website can be used for many proposes like attracting customers, informing buyers, selling products, collecting data, reservi...
13 Jun
Pedersen Design June 2019 Blog
Summer Fun
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We made it through the snowy months, and we have survived the monsoons. Now we can move into the sun and summer fun.
25 Mar
Keeping you in the know
Keeping you in the know!
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Here at Pedersen Design, we would like to share with you some of the new and innovative creations coming out of our office this past month! It is always...
19 Feb
Batavia Graphic Design Instagram
Welcome to our Instagram page!
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We at Pedersen Design would like to welcome you to our newly created Instagram page! Through this site, we aim to share recently completed projects and...
10 Apr
Smart Phone Photo Tips Header Image
Tips to Take a Better Photo With Your Smartphone
Category: Pedersen Design Newsletter
Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and while a digital camera with a lens will often take a better photo than a phone, a good photo is a good photo, regardless of the gea...
21 Mar
Coffee Lids: A visual history of everyday design
Category: Pedersen Design Newsletter
Drawn from the world’s largest collection of take-away coffee cup lids, a new book examines the design evolution of one of the most ubiquitous objects in the world today