Is your website sending customers the right message?

A website can be used for many proposes like attracting customers, informing buyers, selling products, collecting data, reserving tables, booking appointments, and even registering for events. It’s our job to know what type of site our client needs, and how to make the most out of their digital presence on the web.

Updating the content and functions of your website on a regular basis will help keep your web presence current, and let your customers know that your business is alive and well.

1. Does your business have a new logo or branding?

If it does, it might be time to give your website a new coat of paint and make sure the look and feel of your site match your new brand.

2. Are you offering a new service or product?

Invite people to sign up for a mailing list with an interactive form or pop-up on your site so they can stay informed on all the new things your company is doing. In return, your business will get some valuable information about possible customers, like emails or phone numbers.

3. Have you moved or opened a new location?

Your website is an excellent place to inform customers of big events, like a grand opening of a new location or moving into a new building. We can integrate your website with google maps to let customers know exactly where your new location is.

4. Having trouble getting the correct information from customers?

We can build a form with conditional logic, that can request dates, times, locations, and ask multi-tiered questions that will change based on your customer’s answers. This way we can tailor your form to collect the exact data you need to give your customers the service they require.

5. Is your website secure?

We can help secure your website, by working with your hosting provider and getting Malware protection, and an SSL Certificate for your site. This will protect your site from hackers while informing visitors to your website that any data they provide to you will also be safe.

6. Do you post frequently to social media?

If your business relies heavily on social media to promote your products or services, we can integrate social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, directly into your website, to keep your customers informed no matter where they find you on the web.

7. Are there new things happening all the time in your business that you customers should know about?

We can create a website for your business that incorporates a blogging platform that can be used to keep your customers abreast of all that is new with your company and can help with bringing traffic to your website.

8. How is your website’s SEO?

SEO is vital for your site to be found on the web. We can go through your site and make sure that your basic SEO is up to par. And we partner with SEO specialists that can help increase your sites rank on various online search engines.

9. Does your website need monthly upkeep?

We can provide your business with a monthly service to make sure your website is up to date, that everything is operating as intended. We can also make monthly changes to content, to keep your site looking fresh to new and returning customers.

10. Is your website mobile-friendly?

We can develop a new website for your business that will view beautifully on both desktop computers as well as smartphones and tablets. With more and more people viewing websites exclusively on mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website is a must.

If any of the items on our list seem like something you might be interested in, give us a call and we can discuss how we can integrate one or more of these into your site. Or if you are looking for a whole new website, we can help with that too.