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  •   October 2017


    • An opportunity awaits!  Have a graphic ready for social media, email marketing or maybe a postcard or community ad.  You name it, a plan can be customized to fit your monthly marketing needs and keep your business ready and in the forefront!
    • This is the place. Let’s get to work!
  •   October 2017

    • Build the Brand Your Business Deserves
    • For more than 25 years, Pedersen Design, a full-service creative design firm based in Batavia, Illinois, has been in the business of creating, maintaining and evolving compelling brands.
    • We Believe in Partnerships
    • This is the place.
    • Let’s get to work!
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  •   June 2017

    • Summer is a time for fun – Take the season to emphasize fun, both with your customers and employees. Have “wear a Hawaiian shirt to work” day. Invite neighborhood children (or children of employees) to set up lemonade stands outside of your building on Friday afternoons. Be sure to capture your team members enjoying summer during the work day and post to social media.
    • Have an outdoor event – Have an event at a nearby lake or beach, or even in your own parking lot. Offer free food and music, and hand out flyers and promotional materials. Give away prizes or services to attendees in the form of a raffle or contest.
    • Lower Prices as the Temperature rises – Have sales like Customers receive $10 off any purchase of $100 or more when the temperature is above 100 degrees or give-away a COLD bottle of water (and air conditioning) for anyone brave enough to shop in the hot weather.
    • Give away seasonal items – Offer a free T-shirt, Water bottle, fan, or Beach Towel branded with your company logo to customers as a reward for making a purchase, scheduling a consultation, or making an appointment. This will increase your name recognition and give your customers a nice token of your appreciation .
    • Community Service – Organize a litter pick-up day and invite the community to pitch in. Make sure you have company branded T-Shirts or a uniform for your employees to ware, and send out flyers and promote the event on social media. Recruit volunteers and let your local newspaper or media outlet know what you’re planning to do. You’ll get great PR and help a great cause.
    • Swimming – Give customers a one-day pass to the local pool or waterpark as a reward for their purchase.
    • Create more fun for your customers and employees, bring in more business and get your company name out into the public. And don’t forget if you need any kinds of promotional materials to help you in your summer marketing efforts, we at Pedersen Design can provide you with top notch service and creative, captivating advertising solutions.
    • Contact us Today, and be proud of your marketing success this summer.
  •   April 2017

    Building relationships by design.

    We are sharing the following information, which is from a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe, to keep you and the rest of our valued clients informed on the trends in the business community regarding design and marketing.

  •   September 2016


    reasons to incorporate print marketing

    in your online world

    1. The more people see you, the more they trust you.
    2. Introduce new customers to your business and drive them to your website.
    3. Even in today’s world of smart phones and social media, people are still inclined to keep a printed piece.
    4. Encourage your customers to act with special offers and promotions.
    5. Remind current and past customers of why they did business with you in the first place.
    6. Print marketing helps strengthen the bond between businesses and their customers.
    7. A great looking print piece will keep you fresh in your customer's mind.
    8. Minimal cost with maximum impact.
    9. A tangible reminder of your business to be handed out at meetings, conventions, and events.
    10. Keep in touch with your less tech savvy customers, and make sure they know what your business is up to.
  •   August 2016

    Looking to save on postage from the USPS?

    We are always creating new marketing materials for our clients, and we have recently discovered that the USPS offers different promotions to give people discounts on their marketing mailings. Here we have compiled a list of some of the various promotions that the USPS offers, so you can maybe save some money on your next marketing mailer.


    Mobile Shopping Promotion

    The Mobile Shopping Promotion encourages mailers to integrate mobile technology with direct mail to make it easier for customers to shop online. Eligible mailpieces that direct customers to a social media “Buy Button” may receive a discount on postage.


    Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion

    Mailers are encouraged to invest in color print technology by producing bills and statements that use personalized color transpromotional messaging. For eligible mailers, this promotion will provide an upfront postage discount.


    Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive Engagement Promotion

    Leveraging the physical aspects of mail, as well as the advances in print technology, marketers and mailers can enhance how customers interact and engage with mail. During this promotion, eligible mailers who incorporate a multi-sensory experience in their mailpiece may receive a postage discount.


    Emerging & Advanced Technology/Video in Print Production

    The Emerging and Advanced Technology/Video in Print Promotion encourages mailers to integrate direct mail with technology, providing an interactive experience for customers. Mailers who create mailpieces that use at least one form of approved emerging or advanced technologies will receive a postage discount.


    Earned Value Promotion

    The Earned Value Promotion will provide a discount to eligible mailers who send Business Reply Mail (BRM) and Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) enclosures. Earned credits, once approved and accepted, will be credited to the Permit accounts and can then be applied to future mailings.



    Looking for someone to design and print your next mailer?

    Give us a call, and make everything awesome! 630.482.3514

  •   April 2016

    Maintaining your Corporate Marketing with the right message is not an easy task.

    To market effectively, different applications of digital and print media will be used. Today it takes much more than just placing an ad in a trade magazine. It may be adding e-commerce to a website, designing a digital or print ad, posting to social media, updating a website, producing new case studies, photography, direct mail or a new leave behind to help seal the deal.


    We look at your needs and move ahead in the best direction to fulfill required marketing tasks. By design we ensure that your corporate brand is carried through without compromise on all marketing materials. We get it. Make an impact and be successful. Give us a call for your next marketing project. 630.482.3514.

  •   March 2016

    The Perfect Business Logo

    A logo is more than just a pretty image for customers to look at while they use a product or service. It’s the face of an entire brand, a symbol that determines how people feel about that particular company. For example, if a restaurant’s logo is cold and unappetizing, potential customers are going to associate that image with their food.


    So what sort of ingredients do you need to cook up a tasty, irresistible logo? This infographic will provide you with tips and ideas related to each of the qualities that a successful logo design must have.

  •   January 2016

    Branding Do You Know Who You Are, Tips on Branding from Pedersen Design

    Branding - Do You Know Who You Are

    There is such a lot of talk going around about branding, but what exactly is your brand and how do you use it to help you reach more people and market your products or services?

    Not only is your brand your Logo or your Company Name, your brand is the core of your marketing, the central theme around your products and services.

    For people to come and hire you, or buy from you in droves, your brand needs to be crystal clear, attractive, exciting and powerful. In fact your brand needs to be powerful enough to rouse your customers into action, and at the same time it needs to actively express you, what you’re about and your uniqueness.

    Once you’re sure of your brand you also gain a tangible and easy way of talking to people about what you do. It makes it so much easier to do your marketing when you have it clear in your mind what it is you’re selling in the first place.

    When you’re creating your brand you are creating a memorable marketing message that will inspire people to take action and choose you over your competitors.

    Here are five useful tips to help you find your brand:

    • Your Brand Tip 1
      Your brand is the core of what you do. What feelings or emotions does your business inspire in you and in your customers? Did you know that peoples’ decision to buy is based on emotions, not facts?
    • Your Brand Tip 2
      Think about how you present yourself, not just on your website but when people see you, talk to you on the phone, or read your email. Is your marketing consistently saying what you want it to? Are people getting confusing messages from you, or is it clear from the start what you do?
    • Your Brand Tip 3
      Think like your potential customer, try to get inside their head and see your products or services from their point of view. How do they experience what you do, and how does it make them feel?
    • Your Brand Tip 4
      What is it you do that makes you stand out from the crowd? If you don’t think you do, then you need to think of a way that you can, because your brand should be somehow different from everyone else’s, its not enough to be just the same as others but better.
    • Your Brand Tip 5
      What are your best abilities, do you know your greatest strengths? Choose an unbiased person, who knows you well, to help you decide what your top attributes are; your brand should be based around your unique strengths and abilities.

    Ultimately, creating a strong, memorable, compelling and meaningful brand is essential for successful marketing, and something you can do with a bit of thought, and may be a bit of help from your (unbiased) friends.

  •   June 2015


    worth their weight in gold!

    A picture that speaks to you. It only takes a minute to tell your story. Let your viewers feel the emotion from satisfied customers as we weave their testimonials into a captivating, visual performance, that can be posted on your website. Inform customers of an upcoming event or sale with a entertaining video announcement that can be shared on social media. We produce videos that are perfect complements to your marketing campaign; linked to web or print.

  •   April 2015


    Last month we redesigned our own website. The time and energy spent was worth it in so many ways. Because of the redesign, we updated our other communication materials such as our Digital Flashbook, Brochure, Business Cards, Advertising and more!


    Creating a Brochure / Digital Flashbook

    Once the new website was completed we had the ability to design a brochure and digital flashbook based on its contents. This is a great way to have all the information in one piece that works as your unspoken sales force.


    Capitalize on the information developed in your website then...

    • Create an electronic brochure
    • Print out electronic brochures to pass out at sales meetings and networking events
    • Attach links to the bottom of your email signature
    • Add links to your own website for print ready brochures available for download
    • Send out an email blast
  •   Summer 2014

    Reach More Customers - Summer 2014

    Outdoor Marketing

    Summer is the perfect time to advertise outside. We can design great outdoor marketing pieces for your business to attract potential customers while they are enjoying the summer weather. From banners, to free standing feathers, we can make your message sing on any medium.


    Contact us today to have your message shine in the summer sun.

    Project Highlight - Summer 2014

    Music Matters School of Music

    A long time institution in Batavia, Music Matters recently came to us looking for help to rebrand their business.


    Jeff Matter, the owner of Music Matters, was looking to freshen up the schools image in preparation for his company's move from 222 E. Wilson St., to his school's new location at 24 N Washington. The new look had to represent the school's vibrance and life brought to it by it's dedicated teaches and eager students. We worked with Jeff to develop a brand that would not only fit with the feel of his new location, but also show the sense of community and joy that the students of Music Matters come to experience.


    The new logo features Music Matters original music note with a new twist. The note sits atop a background of green and blue curves meant to symbolize the rhythm and flow of the music produced in the school. This was then pulled into the rest of the branding for Music Matters, to strengthen the overall brand identity.

  •   March 2014

    Reach More Customers - March 2014

    Every Door Direct Mail Marketing

    Whether you’re looking to share your message with 100 or 100,000 homes and businesses, we can create the perfect marketing piece for you.


    In 2013, the City of Batavia was looking to bring the entire community together for their “Batavia Restaurant Madness” event. We immediately suggested Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) marketing—a great way to reach the entire community. With an EDDM marketing piece, your business can reach as few—or as many—homes and business as you want.


    We designed, printed—and even delivered the postcards to the post office. The event was a huge success with a fantastic turnout, and the City of Batavia came back to Pedersen Design for their 2014 “Batavia Restaurant Madness” marketing. This year’s marketing piece was sent to around 12,000 homes and businesses in Batavia. Along with the EDDM mailing, we created the entire marketing package, including a poster, flyer, website and Facebook graphics—and, as always, we ensured their overall branding matched on all platforms.

    Project Highlight - March 2014

    Sage Creek Accounting

    New to downtown Batavia, Sage Creek Accounting came to Pedersen Design for a branding package that demonstrates the highest level of standards in fields of accounting, tax and advisory. In order to achieve this goal, we began developing a logo to instill the sense of trust, kindness and professionalism Sage Creek Accounting brings to their clients.


    The leaf was designed using a combination of traditional hand-drawn elements and digital painting skills. This method gave the leaf an overall softness and fluidity, which conveys the peace of mind Sage Creek gives their clients. The color was carefully selected—we wanted a calming, yet rich green that would reproduce well in many mediums. The resulting color brought a wonderful sense of depth to the logo. We then chose a strong and supportive typeface to serve as an anchor, representing Sage Creek’s stability and trust. Once the logo was complete, we developed the business card, letterhead and envelope using elements from the logo itself to solidify the overall branding. We hand-selected a cream-colored stock for print, which paired nicely with the green in the logo and the overall design. We would like to thank Sage Creek Accounting for the opportunity to create a one of a kind logo and branding package for them, and wish them well on their future in Batavia.

  •   January 2014

    News - January 2014


    Thanks to clients like you, we’re always inspired to push to new levels of success and remain on the cutting-edge of design—and the hard work paid off.


    We are thrilled to announce that Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies—the world’s largest supplier of water technologies and services—honored David Pedersen with an award for Exceptional Support this past December. Tim Cornish, marketing manager for Veolia, presented Pedersen with the award, and shared the company’s high expectations for Pedersen Design’s future. Thank you to Veolia for this honor and to everyone for your continued support!

    Reach More Customers - January 2014

    Digital Flipbooks

    If you’ve flipped through an eBook, eMagazine, or eCatalog, you’ve got the basic idea of a digital flipbook. Increasing in popularity, these digital versions of print books are an exciting and engaging way to present your business and products to customers—and they offer your customers the ability to access the information they need, any time, any place.


    After completing an 84-page print catalog for our client, HEIDTS Automotive Group, including photography, artwork, and design, we created a sleek digital version for both the web and mobile. HEIDTS is now able to showcase hundreds of products to their ever-expanding customer base in multiple forms—giving the customer the freedom to choose the option that best suits their needs. The digital catalog is easy to navigate and simple to use—customers can smoothly thumb through the pages, which turn and fold just like a printed magazine. Using technology like a digital flipbook, HEIDTS is proving their position as an industry leader, and opening the doors to a wider, more satisfied customer base.


    If you’re looking to create new avenues for your business, Click Here to find out how a digital flipbook could work for you.

  •   October 2013

    Reach More Customers - October 2013

    Logo Design

    Reach More Customers - October 2013


    Whether your a new business looking for an identity, or an established business looking for a fresher-upper, we can create a unique identity solution to fit your business. A great logo is one of the best ways to get your business noticed. Having a one of a kind logo creates the ground work for the rest of your branding, and helps convey your business's message.  Contact us today.

    Show your customers exactly what you want them to see. A picture truly does speak a thousand words, and having compelling photos that project your product or image in just the right light is essential. Whether it's a new head-shot for your business's website, or photos of your latest products for your online store, we can capture it on camera to highlight the best features. Contact us today to set up your photo shoot.

  •   September 2013

    Reach More Customers - September 2013

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch. Let your customers know about new products, events, offers, and anything else going on with your business. Keep your branding consistent by having an email blast that matches your print and digital media so customers can easily identify your business. Contact us to discuss an email marketing solution for you.

    Reach More Customers - September 2013

    Mobile Websites

    Mobile websites are growing in popularity. More and more people are surfing the net on their smart phones and tablets then ever before. Does your company have a mobile presence? Mobile websites can be developed for phone or tablet applications, and can be customized to match your marketing message. Click Here to ask us a question or to inquire about further information.

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  • Branding Do You Know Who You Are, Tips on Branding from Pedersen Design
Pedersen Design Digital Brand Marketing Graphic Design Photography Advertising Batavia Illinois Chicago
Pedersen Design Digital Brand Marketing Graphic Design Photography Advertising Batavia Illinois Chicago
  • Branding Do You Know Who You Are, Tips on Branding from Pedersen Design
Pedersen Design Digital Brand Marketing Graphic Design Photography Advertising Batavia Illinois Chicago
  • Branding Do You Know Who You Are, Tips on Branding from Pedersen Design