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Art = the science of relationships

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What do we do?

Simply put, we build relationships between you and your customers. We ask questions, identify opportunities, design solutions to increase sales through the marketing media of artwork, photography, web, and print design. No job is too small.

What’s next?

Our working partnership relies on communication and being adaptive, which means we will be talking a lot. We’ve got momentum. Let’s keep it rolling!

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Creative Director and President

Being a small firm we are able to control the quality of design at all phases. I believe that the level of quality needs to maintain excellence through the initial research, communications, reports, design, art, copy, photography, and print or web publishing. Any break in that chain of excellence only hinders the outcome. I have worked with international companies and small companies. We work to build trust with our clients and then we are truly granted the freedom to design within the clients brand and culture.

Please look at our website and view the style and quality we deliver. If you need to see something in addition we may have it in our archives. Most of our clients are long time clients and their brand and marketing is built over time. All we can do is to anticipate the market and know when to stay consistent or to change.


Art Director and Brand Strategist

Coming from 23 years in the corporate arena I know how to work with focus groups and how the approval process goes.

I enjoy the challenge of working on various types of projects and brainstorming together to come up with something great. It gives me great pleasure to start with an idea and to see how it unfolds into an entire branding campaign.

A project that comes to mind is the Batavia Fine Arts Centre. We had initial meetings, getting the scope of what this building will be. The fun began to create the logo brand which carried through to all marketing materials, window graphics, website, etc. to keep the brand going. We work with our clients from start to finish, and in the end strive to be longtime partners.


Designer and Brand Strategist

Standing out in both print and digital media is very important these days. Here at Pedersen Design, I specialize in bridging the gap between these two advertising outlets. No matter if the message is being printed on a postcard, or placed in an email blast, it has to be clear, concise, and impactful. I have developed branding that works seamlessly over multiple platforms for many of our clients, from print brochures that have been converted into digital flip books, to magazine ads that are turned into animated gifs for the web.

As a team we make sure that all branding we create can be well represented any way its published, and we help our clients build their brand, expand their reach, and hit their customers no matter where they need to be heard.

We start by discussing your ideas and goals. We research your industry and competition to make sure the message and images developed for your business’ stands above the rest.

WE Brainstorm

We then build the library of assets you will need to build a successful marketing campaign. Photography, artwork, copy and much more are needed to integrate into the designed marketing platform or plan.

WE Design

Your design is then ready to go. Publish it through print, web, digital, video, etc. Impact your audience with Web, Sell Sheets, Data Sheets, Catalogs, Leave Behinds, Packaging, Case Studies, Photography, Digital Ads, Email Blasts, and More!

WE Publish


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Our Services  Our Work 
Pedersen Design Digital Brand Marketing Graphic Design Photography Advertising Batavia Illinois Chicago
Our Services  Our Work 
Pedersen Design Digital Brand Marketing Graphic Design Photography Advertising Batavia Illinois Chicago
Our Services  Our Work 
Pedersen Design Digital Brand Marketing Graphic Design Photography Advertising Batavia Illinois Chicago
Our Services  Our Work 